b. 1985 Maui Hawaii

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The Self and the Technological-Other

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Calling out to Unconceal the Actual

The Technological Singularity



Reconciling Thought with Matter and Time

Virtual Reality

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Esoteric Cosmologies

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Planetary Emergence Myths

Technologies of the Sacred

Technology is an extension of humanity, an embodiment of the human spirit, rather than an external force that we must mitigate. Yet this distributed life-form pulsing on the surface of the earth has its own agency and agenda. My artistic practice explores the relationships between this exponentially growing techno-organism as it relates to our human bodies, minds, and psyches.

By technology I mean individual devices and networked systems, like cameras and software, but also what I call the "Technological Other", a living global super-organism of all machines and software.

In my artwork I often misuse or reverse-engineer this technology in order to give form to things that are otherwise formless. I'm interested in the creation of new dialogues, signs, and symbols which challenge societal power structures. And I believe that earnestly reaching toward objective beauty and truth in an effort to produce the real, rather than an image of the real, is itself a political act.

In this spirit I attempt to depict the landscape of our consciousness as it is transformed by the Technological Other, and create objects that embody the conflicting cultural narratives that exist about the future, and thus the present.


Masters of Science, Multimedia Engineering
Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program, University of California Santa Barbara
Masters of Fine Art
Department of Art, University of California Santa Barbara
Bachelors of Fine Art
Painting & Drawing Program, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, Denver Colorado

Selected Press and Publications
ArtSlant "Sterling Crispin: Begin At The End"" - Joel Kuennen Feb 2017
Art in America"The Biennial of the Americas Puts Colorado at the Center of the Map" - Julia Wolkoff Jul 2015
Bomb Magazine "Interview: Sterling Crispin - Data Masks and The Technological Other." - Ben Valentine Mar 2015
Fast Company "This Is Your Face to Facebook: Creepy Data Masks Show the Monstrous Side of Facial Recognition" - Jennifer Miller Nov 2014, Matter, "This Is What Your Face Looks Like to Facebook" - Kyle Chayka Nov 2014
Animal New York "Artist's Notebook: Sterling Crispin" - Marina Galperina Jun 2014 "Sterling Crispin on Cyberspace Reality and New Age Consciousness" - Irina Makarova Jan 2013
O Fluxo "O Fluxo Issue #01 Circulating Forms of Reality" Aug 2012
Frieze Magazine Berlin "Ambient Natures" - Dominikus Müller Jun 2012
The Creators Project "Wear Your Favorite Net Artists" - Kathleen Flood Feb 2012 "It's Only Humanist" - Brian Droitcour Aug 2011
Revolver Publishing "Post Internet Survival Guide 2010" - Katja Novitskova Feb 2011
Dump.Fm IRL Named #8 In Top 10 Exhibitions Of 2010 L Magazine Dec 2010

Selected Group Exhibitions
Cached Out Alt Esc / Satellite Art Fair/ Miami, Florida Dec 2016
Surveillance The New Gallery Calgary, Canada Oct 2015
Data Rush Noorderlicht Photofestival Groningen, Netherlands Aug 2015
GLOBALE: Infosphere ZKM Karlsruhe Karlsruhe, Germany Sep 2015
Now? Now! Biennial of the Americas Museum of Contemporary Art Denver Denver, Colorado Jul 2015
Tulipomania Del Vaz Projects X Daniele Balice Paris, France Jun 2015
CacheCache(Cache) Gallerie L'île Paris, France Jun 2015
in the context of the 8th edition of the Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference
De Marketen Brussels, Belgium Jan 2015
Drone Research Lab "Air Rights" Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Ann Arbor, Michigan Oct 2013
Sneakerotics Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong Kong, China Sep 2013
#FUTUREMYTH 319 Scholes New York, New York Apr 2013
Visual Rythm Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Boulder, Colorado Jul 2012
Beyond the Bond Studio Gallery Berlin, Germany Jul 2012
Like Art Basel Workshop collective Miami, Florida Dec 2011
You Only Live Twice Kunsthalle New Chicago, Illinois Dec 2011
Au Exchange Redline Denver, Colorado Nov-Dec 2011
Format Luminary Center For The Arts Saint Louis, Missouri Sep-Oct 2011
Attending Essential Existence Gallery Leipzig, Germany Sep 2011
Design For The Other 90% Redline Denver, Colorado Jul-Sep 2011
Even Younger Than Jesus Robischon Gallery Denver, Colorado Nov 2010
Dump.Fm – Irl 319 Scholes Gallery New York, New York Oct 2010
Dimensional Rip 5 Wazee Union Denver, Colorado Sep 2010
Riddle Of Ritual Emmanuel Gallery Denver, Colorado Jan 2010
Mirrorrim Redline Denver, Colorado Aug-Sep 2009

Selected Events and Pop-up Exhibitions
Transductions 18 Australian Centre for the Moving Image Melbourne, Australia Feb 2015
DVD Dead Drop Vol 5 Best of Fach & Asendorf Gallery Museum of The Moving Image Astoria, New York Feb 2013
NY Art Book Fair at the NP booth MoMA PS1 Long Island, New York Sep 2012
BYOB MOCA LA MOCA Geffen Los Angeles, California May 2012
Ausjunk: Junk Jet Net.Heart Show Ausschank Ost Stuttgart, Germany Apr 2012
Speed Show "Gifs 4 Life" Fonenet Galway, Ireland Apr 2012
Usb Show Point Emphemere Paris, France Apr 2012
Speed Show "Extra Credit" Penn State Altoona Altoona, Pennsylvania Apr 2012
It's A Small, Small World Family Business Gallery New York, New York Apr 2012
Vernissage For Spamm.Fr La Cantine Paris, France Jan 2012
BYOB Miami Mamushka's Midtown Miami, Florida Dec 2011
BYOB Amsterdam W139 Amsterdam, Netherlands Sep 2011
Speed Show "Becoming, Not Being" Internet-Cafe Bordeaux Berlin, Germany Aug 2011
Blip Festival Eyebeam New York, New York May 2011
BYOB Denver Redline Denver, Colorado May 2011
Art Rocks 2011! The Bowery Hotel New York, New York May 2011

Lectures and Workshops
Weird Future San Francisco Arts Quarterly San Francisco, California Jun 2015
Project X and X-TRA's 1 Image 1 Minute LA Art Book Fair Los Angeles, California Jan 2015
Art in the Age of the Singularity: How Technology is Informing Contemporary Art Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Art + Technology Lab
Los Angeles, California Oct 2014
Field Notes from Virtual Reality:
Oculus Rift Developers Conference
Media Arts and Technology Graduate Program
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California Oct 2014 02 YouTube Space LA Los Angeles, California Jun 2014
LASER [Leonardo Art Science
Evening Rendezvous]
UCLA Art | Sci center Los Angeles, California Mar 2014
Drones & Aerial Robotics Conference
- hackathon and workshop
New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program New York, New York Oct 2013
Arts Symposium University of California Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California May 2012
The PostMedia Critiques RedLine Denver, Colorado Jan-Jul 2011
Pecha Kucha #4 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art Boulder, Colorado Aug 2010

"Catch & Release"
with Tim Wood and RJ Duran
"Life in the Age of Drones" Symposium
California NanoSystems Institute
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California Mar 2013
Untitled #36 Denver Art Museum Denver, Colorado Apr 2011
Fall Exhibition Opening - Performance Denver Art Museum Denver, Colorado Apr 2011
American Association of Museums Expo Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Colorado Apr 2008

Redline Artist In Residence 2008-2011

University Of California Regents Special Fellowship 2011
The Institute For Experimental Studies Innovation Grant Mar 2008