DJ MediaFire
Audio Mixes
2011-2012 is the 4th in the series of DJ MediaFire releases, which are a musical extension of Concepts of new-age consciousness & new modalities of thought are interwoven with narratives of transformative change and rapidly accelerating technological progress, all the while contrasted beneath an umbrella of pop culture music and the highly-trafficked file sharing website MediaFire. is focused around contemporary narratives of transformation and change in the near future especially in regards to human consciousness and society at large. These range from the burgeoning promises and scientific predictions of genetic engineering, nanotechnology and robotics, to post-newage mystic teachers and theories of an awakening of human consciousness near the end of the Mayan Calendar.


DJ MediaFire – Spirituality Mix for ATLAS

DJ MediaFire Vol 4 – Manual For The Earth Awakening

DJ MediaFire Vol 3 – Pure Becoming 

DJ MediaFire Vol 2 – Pure Consciousness

DJ MediaFire Vol 1 – Emptiness