Pure Becoming
Website, PDF, Audio Recordings, Booklet


We may be approaching an event horizon in the history of humanity that will drastically alter our reality and human consciousness. An approach toward a singularity, a moment of oneness. Pure Becoming is an investigation into the range of narratives in contemporary culture that support, or contrast one another, yet all predict a new age of humanity.

This may be a product of our ever quickening technological evolution, of computing, of the Internet, of nanotechnology, biotechnology and genetics, which may result in a sudden takeoff of artificial intelligence. Or a metaphysical global shift in human consciousness and awakening of spirituality. A crystalizing moment perhaps catalyzed by planetary alignment, galactic rhythms, the shift into a new astrological age or other phase changes predicted by esoteric cosmologies.

At first glance the technological growth, computing and thinking machines of the 21st century may seem at odds with the growth and development of human consciousness & spirituality. However, Humanity and Technology are intrinsically linked, and the use of technology and the phenomena of consciousness is in fact what defines us as Human.

I invited many collaborators and asked them to consider our approach toward this singularity, this “New Age of Pure Becoming”, however they defined that, and reflect upon what that could mean. I asked participants to help me actualize and manifest this singularity through the documentation and repetition of their desires and thoughts, through their written and spoken words.

Through this use of language Pure Becoming explores the ways in which our perceptions of reality, and the perspective lens’ in which we view our world can be shifted and adjusted.  The power of sharing ideas, of thought, of words, written or spoken, is that they have an ability to shape our perception & redefine the world around us.

To actualize and manifest ones desires as we approach this new age of pure becoming.

In my creation of the written document within the project I chose to highlight, and exclude portions of my collaborators texts. It is my hope that a viewer of this project would listen to the audio recordings as they read through the texts, pausing at times to listen only to the voices. The written document serves as a unified vision of their many perspectives within the overall concepts of Pure Becoming.

There are moments in which the participants in this project have very conflicting opinions, and diverge quite dramatically from my perhaps utopian vision of what the present, and the future could hold. It was my hope to gather a diverse range of perspectives on this idea of an approaching singularity, or new age, highlighting what was shared yet allowing for difference and complexity in the message.

It is my hope that this project is less of a static document that references something external to itself, but a living continuation of these concepts. Pure Becoming was not intended to exist as a manual, a how-to, or a top-down instructional set of information outlining how one may live ones life. But rather a living artifact of the ways in which this new moment, this new presence, is already all around us.

It is my hope that this project continue to catalyze the change that it itself outlines, inspiring a sense of flexibility within our consciousness, and help in part to make room in the world for a reawakening of humanity.