Deconstructing the Image-Object - 2013
An essay regarding the post-internet condition, the over use of irony, novelty, attention as currency, persona as product and the embrace of the spectacle of society.
Liberate Our Minds by Any Means Necessary - 2013
A Manifesto to disarm, destroy and remake the society of the spectacle. Weaponized rhetoric as a call to action. Modern society must reawaken, the guardian of sleep must die.


Data-Masks: Biometric Surveillance Masks Evolving in the Gaze of the Technological Other
A Master's Thesis addressing biometric surveillance technology, and the 'Technological Other', a global super-organism of all technology. This research has resulted in 3D printed face masks that were algorithmically evolved to satisfy facial recognition algorithms, titled "Data-masks".
Open Drone Control - 2013
A technical paper describing an open source software platform for developing interactive artworks and research projects with aerial robotics.


100x1000 - 2014

A website that prompts users to write something beautiful using only the 1,000 most common words while considering the past, present, and future of humanity, earth, and technology.
Mind- 2012

Mind - Poster for the 2012 New York Art Book Fair
Truth- 2012

Truth - Poster for the 2012 New York Art Book Fair
Pure Becoming
Pure Becoming - 2011

Pure Becoming is a collaborative investigation into the range of narratives in contemporary culture that support, or contrast one another, yet all predict a new age of humanity.


A conversation with Russell Hanson - 2014
Interview with Russell Hanson, a researcher at Harvard who is developing non-destructive methods of mapping the human brain with the end goal of creating a 'backup' copy of a human mind.