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a          c          t          u          a          l          i          z          i          n          g         
a       n   e   w       a   g   e       o   f
pure becoming
a       m   a   g   i   c          r   e   a   l   i   t   y
t h e    e n d   o f   d u a l i t y

voice/ text/ time/        _trust what you feel¬†

the power in words actualize and manifest singularity through repetition of spells

\ \ \ a technological singularity + a singularity of consciousness / / /

the dawn of actualizing & manifesting your desires

magic =

loop [ observervation ( intention + action ) ] end loop

[ emergent modalities ][ hybrid consciousness ][ ways of becoming ]
[ models of knowning ][ models of seeing ][ ways of being ]

designed by sterling crispin developed in collaboration with + spoken by
1. labanna babalon 2. alyson crispin 3. sterling crispin 4. jimmy joe roche 5. bea fremderman
6. james magnum 7. cory brown 8. mapaco 9. bruce price 10. mario zoots 11. mike schonebaum
12. tim schafer 13. r.k. gabriel 14. colin ward 15. travis egedy 16. aurora crispin

a statement about the work is available here

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p                      u                      r                      e                                            b                      e                      c                      o                      m                      i                      n                      g

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