by  Sterling Crispin

Using only 100 of the 1,000 most used words, can you begin to consider where we are going, and where we have been?

Share something beautiful about the world, the animals, the people, the art, and the computers.

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Samuel Bair

My life is something that words make hard. My work makes mom blue. The house needs a new room for all of the music and stories that make my family happy. Outside is cold. Dad pays all the people so that it stays normal. All the girls and boys are at school. Dogs dance in the wind. The water is no good for us. The car has problems. It is still fun to play with friends and walk in the woods. Books help me to think about what I do in the world. When I write something like this, it lights up my life.

Laskfar Vortok

Even as I think about the whole of everything, I face either the cold empty nothing or the wet struggle of blood and time which fall toward the direction of deep attention by way of expression that is only there to explain an age where fear and fire met to realize the reach of the animals with the bright sun above and the dark night where nearly no moment without music eventually brought us cities and brains with their completely clean apartments and kitchens and beautiful computers. And now you have to ask the phone for answers to all the picture perfect problems, only to recognize that memory is too weird in this situation, and agree as you scream in your sleep that control is a friend that any person can pretend to have.

James Magnum III

ive become so i cant feel you there ive become so so much more by this all i to do is be more like me and be less like you the that comes with time together family those who by me no matter what as i out over my computer out onto the wet with rain and with city lights i stare into this of myself and i kind of want to get work done so now i never to leave my room because is way better than trust push shove music love like movie will god you me us tv cute where who when why what how fix this that the other put it all me this thing keep come wrong write right type hello good bad whatever phone is almost dead so i got to go

Milton Melvin Croissant III

I just wore computer-seeing glasses for the first time. In my heart I wanted to use them a hundred times before. The promise of this computer was simple: to completely put me in a world far away from this one. This is the same promise of so many words in books. This is the same promise of so much strong smoke and cool drinks. I saw through the glasses to a world made by a human I never knew and I was inside the promise. A thing changed in me and I was scared because the promise was so true.

Jeremy Bailey

You probably believe you are in control of who you are, yet you use hundreds of things every day that only work if you use them the way they allow you to. You are made of these things. You can be more, but first you must know you are less every time you use them. The things you aren't can become the things you are if you allow yourself to imagine it so. Less is more if you are ready to love what others hate, to become what you don't know by loving who you aren't. This will change everything.

Debora Delmar

I am no and I try hard to. It is a hard thing to do. I am, but I am not. I am, but I am not. I am not. ”She really wants to be a part of the business,” But is she? “She must be doing something right. She is a pretty person” Fine, Good... because we're all trying to do the same thing. Live well. "Have your own world. That's what I'm about. Having some place to think, to do, to make, to enjoy." "Its a good thing" Women trying to turn themselves into perfect. What *&!

Will Neibergall

I touched my face the other day and there was blood on my finger. I find it amazing that I continue to escape from the inside when the hidden lines of light have been so good at keeping me in, making me small. I don't feel as if I'm running from the sun. I doubt myself in the light but I don't doubt art or the faces of others, which remind me of myself. I never want to go to space; it would make me small. Bodies are big and weird. All the other shit is here today, gone tomorrow.

Jordan Tate

I need more, these ten hundred are not enough. This piece (I call it a piece because other words aren't allowed) is a struggle. When given only a small set of words one begins to think about how much room, how whole I need this set to be. This set that sets my relationship with the world. I have a daughter, she knows more than this. These pieces aren't enough. But then, here I am using these pieces to build and trying to make new or to set again what is old. To make it remain, to make them respond.

Hunter Payne

Tonight we'll wonder tomorrow, repeat. share god's nervous grin. nothing. somewhere will find you.

Dominic Quagliozzi

You get a little lift from a friend. sit and wait until it kicks in- what do you do while you wait? speak to yourself, in the third person so others can hear you. hello hello thoughts coming out and being read- while you wait for that little friend to kick in; worrying can stop soon- as soon as that lift, that friend. worry worry wait complete that thought. Sit, lay, touch. It’s here; feel that lift come up from your fingers- and settle right in your fucking head. but you can relax now. You finally calm down